Vietnam Assignment and Rubric

The foundation of history is research and interpretation of sources, but to what extent are historians influenced by the types of materials they find and use? Do research techniques affect the historian's final written work? Good scholars know that research requires skill, practice, and patience. Missed sources can break an historian's argument. Similarly, solid research techniques can help produce an entirely new discourse.

The internet has many useful tools for historical research. Like printed texts, however, some of these tools are more useful than others. Just because something is online (or in print) does not necessarily mean it is trustworthy. Finding these resources can be tricky.

In this assignment you will use the techniques you have learned over the past semester to find three primary sources online related to Gabriel Kolko's book The Anatomy of War. [1] You will create six webpages where you will outline your research process. The requirements for each page are listed below.

1. Kolko's The Anatomy of War.

2. Pre-Search

3. Search

4. Primary Sources

5. Conclusions

6. Bibliography


Expectations and Suggestions:


Webpage Design:

Grading Scale

A = Has clearly spent time looking at, identifying, and evaluating resources. The webpages flow smoothly from one to the next. Understands Kolko's basic argument and has used the primary sources to better understand some aspect of Vietnam.

B = Needs a more substantive evaluation of resources. Understands basic HTML but needs to work on refining techniques. Has selected some good resources but does not quite understand how to use them with the text.

C = Identifies resources but does not evaluate them well. Clearly needs more practice with HTML and webpage design. Needs to read Kolko more carefully before analyzing the primary sources.

D = Identifies resources; no evaluation or analysis. Needs substantial work on HTML. Clearly has not read the book. Could have found and used better primary sources.

F = Does not identify resources or evaluate them. No knowledge of webpage design. Has not read Kolko or identified primary sources. Clearly has not put any thought into this project.

[1] Kolko, Gabriel. The Anatomy of War: Vietnam, The United States, and the Modern Historical Experience. New York: Pantheon, 1994. <Return>

[2]Carr, E.H. What is History? New York: Vintage Books, 1961. <Return>

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