Many museums, historical societies, and special collections put their image databases and collections online. The collections of prominent museums, such as the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are listed here.

Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth Texas:

Art Institute of Chicago:

Capitol Complex:

Ford's Theatre, National Historic Site:

Franklin Riehlman Fine Art:

Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft:

Lincoln Memorial, National Memorial:

Maine Senate House:

Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester:

Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Minneapolis Institute of Arts:

National Gallery:

National Museum of Health and Medicine:

Smithsonian American Art Museum:


United States Postal Service:

United States Senate:

University of Illinois:

The artworks may not be owned by the University of Illinois. The metadata (cataloging information) is simply in the University's database.

White House:

Banner image obtained from Copyright-Free Images of Abraham Lincoln
c. Jenny Freed, 4-15-07