ISU History Foundation in care of Dr. Roger Biles:

            This is in regards to the Maria Elena Moyanna study abroad program in Lima, Peru led by Carlos Parodi and Patrice Olsen. The trip extends from May 17th-June 16th, 2008. The first three weeks are in Lima, studying human rights abuses and the truth and reconciliation commission. We will be attending lectures at Universidad Del Pacifico, visiting the villages of Villa El Salvador, El Agustino, and Asentamiento Humano Amauta, working with the human rights organization Ceapaz, and attending the trial of Alberto Fujimori. In addition to our studies in Lima, we will also be visiting the Amazon rainforest for one week studying the environment, hopefully meeting and working with indigenous people.

            The political science department provides some funding for the students in its department. They give $1,000 to women from a scholarship fund and $500 to men. We are not eligible for this funding. We would appreciate any assistance the foundation can provide. We are graduate students in the History department and will be taking independent studies and internships for academic credit while we are there. We hope to use this trip for future academic papers and/or curriculum.


Mark Bunting and Jenny Freed